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Radiant Living Masterclass

Class Begins January 1st








A 12 Week Journey of Radical Self Love, Joy and Wellbeing

What if you took 12 weeks devoted entirely to nurturing yourself, to improving your health and to reconnecting to all those aspects of yourself that may have become lost? What if, for once, you made your radiance a priority and you made the commitment to do the work to come fully alive? That Goddess magic is in you, you just need the opportunity to unleash it.


Class is in session and your spot is saved for our Radiant Living Masterclass.

For 12 weeks, you will be immersed in the world of health, wellness and heart. You’ll learn how to cleanse away all the old patterns that have not been serving you and rebuild, reconnect and return to your healthiest, most radiant self. Lessons will focus on all aspects of radiant living from intuitive eating and brain re-training to confidence and sensuality and everything in between. Your teachers will be some of the most powerful women in our community who will be sharing their wisdom and support along your wellness journey.

Our goal is for you to walk away from the course, finally feeling at home in your body, to finally feel the ease that comes with returning to the sacredness that is you in your purest, most untarnished form. No more diets, no more judgement, just radical self love and devotion to being the rocking, radiant Goddess that you are.


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Our 12 Week Course focuses on 3 pillars: Nourishment, Embodiment and Empowerment. Everything is designed to allow you to step-by-step cultivate wellness in all aspects of your life. The course includes:
– 12 Week Guidebook
– Weekly Lessons and Exercises
– Fun Events and Workshops
– Personalized nutrition, movement and self care plan
– Personalized Meditations
– Discounts for local businesses
– Swag Bag
– Weekly Accountability, Support and Celebration

Month 1: Nourishment

Mindset, Nutrition,
Energy & Self Care

Month 2: Embodiment

Motivation, Movement,
Habits & Fun

Month 3: Empowerment

Sensuality, Beauty,
Purpose & Confidence

Course Syllabus

Month 1: Nourishment

Week 1: Welcome Workshop

We’ll kick off this course in style by getting to know everyone in a deep and meaningful way, set our intentions for the program and clear out any negativity that might be holding us back. Expect some powerful bonding, energy cleansing and an organized road map for the weeks ahead to unleash that radiant goddess self of yours. 

Week 2: Video Training – The Magic of your Mindset

Your mindset is the cornerstone to your success in every aspect of your life. We’ll focus on how to make your mind your secret weapon.

Week 3: Farm to Table Meal

Let’s gather around a beautiful table and nourish our bodies with amazing food from private chef, Amelia Mouton. Our guest speaker, Jenn Hand, will join us and discuss how we can finally end the diet mentality and return to the peaceful place of intuitive eating. 

Week 4: Video Training – How to Raise your Energy

There are things in life that raise our energy and things that remove it. We’ll take inventory of what helps and hurts us and come up with a game plan to detox the bad stuff and build up the good stuff.

Month 2: Embodiment

Week 5: Video Training – Cultivating Devoted Discipline

Learn how to build sustainable habits and routines to help build momentum in your life and push you to be the greatest version of yourself.

Week 6: Group Workout

We’ll get our sweat on at Fossil Creek Park and remind ourselves how badass we really are. Our guest speaker, Rachel Pastor will join us and discuss the power of movement and honoring our bodies with fitness. 

Week 7: Video Training – Building a Sustainable Self Care Routine

Learn ways to honor your body by building a sustainable self care routine. Let’s improve your energy, your immune system and your overall vitality.

Week 8: Ax Throwing Party

As we work on mastering our habits and building our self discipline, we also must make the time for a little fun. We’ll let down our hair, have some drinks and throw some axes! 

Month 3:

Week 9: Video Training – Finding power in your purpose

Empowerment is grounded in authenticity. Learn how to build your life and your work around your core values and purpose. Learn what your unique superpower is and how you can share it with the world.

Week 10: Event – Sensuality and Strutting Workshop

A local dance extraordinaire will be leading us through a private dance class focused on embracing the beautiful bodies we are in and reconnecting to our sensuality. Let’s sway our hips, move to amazing music and remember the Goddesses that we are. 

Week 11: Zoom Call – Celebrating Success

We’ll wrap up our 12 week course by celebrating our successes and solidifying our new mindset, habits and beliefs so that we can carry this powerful transformation into the future.

Week 12: Event – Personal Styling Session and Photo shoot at Blue Harvest Apparel

After 12 weeks of building up your radiance, we are going to show it off in style. A personal stylist will pick out outfits that suit your amazing self and then you will get your own mini photo shoot to show off your beautiful self. Guest speaker, Susan Hay, will join us and speak all about building your confidence and presence.


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Our promise to you is that you will feel loved, supported and nurtured as you embark on this journey of turning up your radiance. This will be a sacred time to make the commitment to devote yourself to your health and your happiness. You will free yourself from old thought patterns, restore peace and harmony to your thoughts about your body and cultivate new sustainable healthy habits that will stay with you long after the program ends.


The whole purpose of this course is to wake you back up and allow your soul to shine and thrive the way it is meant to. This program is not about calorie counting, perfectionism, judgement or self bullying. It is designed to support you in all facets of your well being from mindset to sensuality to joy and everything in between. This program is for the woman who is yearning to be more of herself, to rekindle her connection to her divine spirit and to experience life fully.

What if I am a little nervous about joining a group of women I don’t know?

Girl, we totally get it. It is scary to join a group of strangers. What if they are mean? What if they are cliquey? It’s incredibly intimidating. Don’t fear though, we are masters at cultivating a warm, inviting, and deeply connected group. From the way we accept applicants to the way we facilitate our gatherings, we make sure everyone feels supported and welcomed. Heads up, we are big Brene Brown fans so part of the magic is courageous vulnerability. You will be asked to step outside your comfort zone and be authentically raw and honest but we promise you that your bravery will be honored and protected.

How much time will I need to devote to the program?

As with anything, the more you put into the program, the more you will get out of the program. However, we also get that real life is tough and you are pulled in many directions. Expect to devote 1-2 hours per week to course lessons, exercises, zoom calls and/or events.

How much does it cost?

Tuition for the program is $250 per month for 3 months. Tuition includes a 12 week guide book, personalized nutrition, movement and self care plan, personalized meditation, discounts for local businesses, swag bag, weekly lessons, weekly accountability, support and celebration and monthly events. We value your dollars and want to make sure that you get as much value from the program as possible. We do not treat it lightly that you are choosing to invest this time and money into yourself and your transformation. We promise to take your trust in us seriously and go above and beyond so that you have the best experience possible.

Can I leave the program once I start?

It’s so important to us that you make a commitment to yourself and to the group not because of the money but because your health and happiness are important to us. There are only a limited number of spots so once you are in, you’re in.

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